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As third-generation bee farmers, we're proof that sweet people can make even sweeter products. We proudly honour a heritage of honest, sustainable and community inspired goodness.

Wild Antho Apiary Services


Our breeding program focuses on the selection of desirable traits over generations of queens. This fosters the honey bee’s natural ability to cope with various Canadian specific stressors.


Our hives provide highly valued pollination services for a wide variety of agricultural crops throughout the Okanagan starting in April.


Our nucleus colonies include a queen raised on our farm, three frames of brood and a feed frame.

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“Bees are more than a hobby; they are a life study, in many respects a mirror of our own society.”
—William Longgood


Nestled in the heart of Armstrong, BC

Our farm is located in the beautiful fields and wild lands of the North Okanagan/Shuswap on the unceded, ancestral territories of the Syilx Nation and the Secwepemc Nation. Our honey is raw and kept as close to its natural state every step of the way. The honey is unpasteurized to preserve the natural qualities of raw honey, and all of the subtle floral flavours. Our bee yards are primarily located on organic farms, and outlying wild lands. As third generation beekeepers our family believes in and relies on community support.

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