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From queens to colonies, Wild Antho is in pursuit of pollinator perfection. We're a legacy farm with a strong history of breeding coveted BC bees.


Wild Antho breeds a true B.C. stock developed over the past 40 years. We started with Kettle Valley Queen stock and still get breeding stock from Liz Huxter. Our queens tend to produce primarily dark bees. The breeder queen must be a minimum of two years old (two winters), have average to above average honey production every year, a solid brood pattern year-round, good pollen stores, must be in the top 10% for colony size in spring and fall or expand very rapidly in the spring, low varroa numbers (not always though….), hygienic behaviour traits, never any type of disease, low honey use over the winter, and not overly aggressive (we do take a few stings).


Our hives provide highly valued pollination services for a wide variety of agricultural crops throughout the Okanagan starting in April.

Nucs 4 and 5 frame

Our nucs are overflowing with bees and headed by a queen reared by us. Each nuc has 3 frames of brood with bees, and a frame of honey and bees. We take great care in selecting the queens for each nuc and ensuring the colony will expand rapidly once it is placed in our customers equipment.

4 Frame nucs are available April to August. They are sold in a cardboard box with 4 frames of bees (3 brood, one honey). The early nucs have an overwintered queen.

5 Frame nucs are available for larger orders, May to August. The nucs are sold in the customers box and include 5 frames of bees (3 brood, 1 honey, 1 empty).
The early nucs have an overwintered queen.

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